Find Your Deacon

Deacons are assigned by each member's last name. Please feel free to contact your Deacon in times of need, death or life event.

AAA to BaynardDeacon Charles Zigler(856)-327-4105
Becker to BroughtonDeacon James Walters(856)-205-1295
Brown to BusbyDeacon Russell Wilson(856)-451-2256
Butler to ColvinDeacon Lionel Woodley(856)-691-9116
Conway to CuffDeacon Donald VanDunk(856)-293-1930
Curtis to DawkinsDeacon Alfred Gunter (856)-455-1504
Delgado to FisherDeacon Charles Todd(856)-455-3249
Green to HartDeacon Ronald Hilton(856)-692-7030
Harvey to IngramDeacon Frank Newsome(856)-451-0207
Jackson to KatesDeacon Mercer Hedgeman(856)-692-1535
             Fleming to Fuqua                Keith to MarquezDeacon Anthony Hannah(609)-476-3190
Marrow to MosleyDeacon Ron Nichols(610)-453-9564
               Glenn to Gray                 Moya to PittsDeacon Craig Dingle(856)-794-1996
Planter to RountreeDeacon John Dickerson(856)-692-7096
Ruiz to SingletaryDeacon John Crutchfield(856)-740-3483
          Fussell to Glanville            Smith to SturdivantDeacon Brian Medley(856)-449-7420
Surrency to UnderwoodDeacon David Becker(856)-261-3283
VanDunk to Whyte                Deacon Everett Jones                  (Deacon Barry Ballard)(856)-282-3684
Wiggins to ZZZDeacon James Alston(856)-455-6831
DelawareDeacon Anthony Matthews(302)-507-5420